Lisa Faulkner Celeb Life

Lisa Faulkner Actress, Chef and Model

This question can be answered in a variety of ways depending on who you are and how you look at it. Lisa Faulkner is an established model, chef, writer and actress, with roles in a variety of movies and TV shows including EastEnders and MasterChef.

The celebrity owes much of her rise to stardom to her cooking skills which opened the doors as it were. Read on to find out more about Lisa Faulkner and her celebrity life.

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Early Life

The 46 year old actress was born back in February 19th 1972. She was raised in Merton West London and went to school in Kingston. Lisa Faulkner’s mother died of cancer when she was only sixteen years old. She usually talks about this in a number of interviews.

After her mother died, she was approached by a modelling scout later that year while standing on a tube train platform. She would later make her debut appearance on TV in 1992.

Lisa’s Personal Life

Back in 2005, Actress Lisa Faulkner marred Chris Coghill, her colleague in the show “Burn It”, at London’s Richmond Park in Surrey. Early in their marriage she had an ectopic pregnancy. After trying a few rounds of IVF treatment unsuccessfully, the couple decided to adopt. They adopted a fifteen month old baby.

In 2011, the marriage ended in a divorce.

Faulkner’s Professional Career

Lisa Faulkner’s professional life spans different lines of work including acting, modeling, writing and being a professional chef.

She landed her first acting job in the “Lover”; she played the role of Jane March. She then moved on to appear in a variety of TV shows including “Dangerfield”, “And The Beat Goes On”, “Brookside” and “Holby City”. In the latter, her character was murdered by the father of a patient that died under her care.

It was her character’s death in “MI-5” however that sparked a lot of criticism from members of the audience. In the 2002 film, her character had her face thrust into hot oil, before being shot in front of her colleague.

In 2010, Lisa Faulkner won celebrity master chef after beating her closest competitors Dick Strawbridge and Christine Hamilton in the final.

She has also written a variety of cooking books including “Recipes From My Mother For My Daughter”, which was published in the year 2012. Her second book titled “The Way I Cook” was made available in 2013 while her latest book titled “Tea And Cake” was released in 2015.

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