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We are, indeed, in unprecedented times, and we face unprecedented challenges.  Wars and violence have taken a heavy toll in Africa, Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia. Some are labelled as ’war on terror’ others ‘humanitarian wars’ but in our vocabulary wars are wars in all manifestations. The rich are getting richer and the poor poorer: the strong are getting stronger and the weak weaker: the voices of lies are being heard and the voices of truth are being throttled.

At the London institute of South Asia (LISA) we are determined to combat the tsunami of disinformation and propaganda brainwashing our minds so successfully. LISA is mindful of the influences corporate controlled mainstream media bears on the ordinary mind. At LISA we do not seek assistance or support from any foundation, government, or mainstream media since they are driven by their corporate masters or their specific agendas. We have reasons to be read more

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Curfew in India-held Kashmir
by Dawn on 19 Jun, 2015 11:10 am
Curfew in India-held Kashmir as killings heighten tensions SRINAGAR: India-held Kashmir was largely under curfew on Friday with top separatist leaders detained to halt a planned protest march over a series of recent killings in the restive territory. Hundreds of police and paramilitary soldiers patrolled the main city of Srinagar and sch ...
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Myanmar Muslims need humanitarian aid: UN
by UN on 14 Jun, 2015 10:33 am
Myanmar Muslims need humanitarian aid: UN Nearly half a million people, mostly Muslims, continue to require humanitarian assistance: UN Humanitarian office. -AFP/File UNITED NATIONS: Nearly half a million people, mostly Muslims, continue to require humanitarian assistance three years after inter-communal violence raked Myanmar’s western R ...
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by SPS on 10 Jun, 2015 07:28 pm
  Syrian child photographed 'surrendering to a camera'       This photo of a Syrian child so scarred by war that  she stared into a camera lens believing it was the barrel of a gun and  raised her arms in surrender has  been shared around the world.   The fear in the little ...
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by CEPHEI SAGITTARIi on 09 Jun, 2015 12:15 pm
UNTOUCHABILITY & CASTEISM Still EXISTS even Today in India- 2015.. TO ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO DENY THE EXISTENCE OF UNTOUCHABILITY AND THE CASTEISM IN INDIA................This Video shows the bitter Truth of INDIA....& nowadays everyone talks against the Reservations - why reservations are required??? But now it's time to show each & ever ...
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India police say 12 Maoist rebels killed in shoot-out
by News on 09 Jun, 2015 11:43 am
India police say 12 Maoist rebels killed in shoot-out NEW DELHI: Twelve Maoist rebels died in a gun battle with security forces in a remote forest in eastern India, police said Tuesday. Police said the fighting broke out when they tried to intercept a group of suspected guerrillas late Monday in eastern Jharkand state, a rebel stronghol ...
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