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We are, indeed, in unprecedented times, and we face unprecedented challenges.  Wars and violence have taken a heavy toll in Africa, Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia. Some are labelled as ’war on terror’ others ‘humanitarian wars’ but in our vocabulary wars are wars in all manifestations. The rich are getting richer and the poor poorer: the strong are getting stronger and the weak weaker: the voices of lies are being heard and the voices of truth are being throttled.

At the London institute of South Asia (LISA) we are determined to combat the tsunami of disinformation and propaganda brainwashing our minds so successfully. LISA is mindful of the influences corporate controlled mainstream media bears on the ordinary mind. At LISA we do not seek assistance or support from any foundation, government, or mainstream media since they are driven by their corporate masters or their specific agendas. We have reasons to be read more

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by Dawn on 29 Jul, 2015 09:20 am
Gurdaspur attack Editorial — Dawn Jul 29 IT was a startling assault, the first in over a decade, in Indian Punjab and in an area intrinsically linked to the bitterness of Partition and a more recent fraught communal history. Yet, the terrorist attack in Gurdaspur — just a short distance from the working boundary and the Line of Con ...
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by NEWS on 29 Jul, 2015 09:12 am
US urges India, Pakistan to work together WASHINGTON: The United States has once again asked India and Pakistan to work together to resolve their differences, ignoring suggestions that Washington should intervene to end tensions between the two neighbours. “We want to see the conflict and the tension reduced, these are issues that need to be work ...
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Terrorism’s saffron fault line
by Latha Jishnu on 27 Jul, 2015 07:02 am
Terrorism’s saffron fault line Latha Jishnu COLOURS have strong associations and tend to be coded in our psyche. They are linked, sometimes inexorably, to our politics, culture and social biases. The way we respond to people, events and situations is prompted by the colour coding embedded in us, however subtly these triggers might w ...
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by Alan Hart on 25 Jul, 2015 07:42 am
ALAN HART: INDIA AT WAR WITH ITSELF A GLOBAL NUCLEAR TINDERBOX FUELED BY ISRAEL Alan Hart speaks at London Institute  of South Asia  Seminar “Among the questions open and honest dialogue would need to address is the extent to which outside forces are having a significant influence on India’s drift to war with itself. ...
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by Munir Akram on 25 Jul, 2015 07:30 am
IRAN’S STRATEGIC BREAKOUT Munir Akram THE agreement on Iran’s nuclear programme announced in Vienna on July 14 marks a watershed in world politics. Iran made major concessions to secure the deal, agreeing: not to produce highly enriched uranium; remove two-thirds of its centrifuges; not to use its advanced centrifuges; give up 98pc of ...
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